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New World Notes 162 - Renegades (Part 2)

Published April 12, 2011

30-minute weekly radio program for April 12, 2011. Second of 2 parts.

Many of the rights and freedoms enjoyed today by American women (and men) were won for them--not by the Suffragists and early feminists--but by 19th century prostitutes and madams. Of which there were plenty. These rights & freedoms included the right to own property; to acquire wealth; to dance, smoke, and drink in public; to wear attractive clothing; to give or receive oral sex; to have interracial intimacy; and to purchase and use contraceptives.

So argues historian Thaddeus Russell--author of A Renegade History of the United States--speaking in Seattle in October 2010.

A fascinating and witty talk, recorded by Todd Boyle and previously broadcast on "Mind Over Matters" by Mike McCormick (

Fun fact, from this installment: In 1950, fellatio was illegal in all 48 states, and cunnilingus in 41. One marvels at the discrepancy. (Presumably, the Mississippi legislature considered some acts so vile and unnatural, one hesitated to acknowledge their existence even by banning them!) . Permanent link to the entry for this installment: .


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